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 | Jul 2019

Ep 17 Inside Procurement: Enhancing Procurement’s Credibility – Part 1


In the first part of this two-part feature, we discuss the importance of establishing procurement’s credibility.

Credibility is an issue that’s become more and more prominent with procurement’s growing sophistication over the last 10–15 years – and there are disparate views on how this issue can be adequately resolved, if at all. 

In this part we discuss how and why procurement’s credibility has become so important and dig into the core elements necessary to establish procurement’s credibility in the eyes of stakeholders. Omer then shares 3 practical examples to illustrate how category leaders can take practical steps to improve or reinforce their credibility.

Watch the video to learn more and stay tuned for the second part, where we discuss how intelligence can play a critical role in driving credibility.

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