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 | Dec 2018

Ep 07 Inside Procurement: How to stay focused on the strategic and not on the tactical?


In the final episode of this year’s Inside Procurement series, I cover a topic we often get asked about – how do I stay focused on the strategic and avoid spending too much time on the tactical?

Here are some of my top tips:

  1. Understand your key clients
  2. Think strategically about insourcing and outsourcing
  3. Be ruthless about priorities
  4. Measure individual performance through defined KPIs
  5. Create self-service assets and the toolkits for customers

Watch the full video to hear all my tips, and what you might be missing out on by not spending enough time on strategy.

Inside Procurement will be back in 2019, but as a recap in episode 1 I talked about what constitutes a robust procurement strategy, and how to ensure that it is aligned to the overall corporate strategy, and in episode 2, I gave my take on the 10 essential factors that make for a world-class procurement strategy.

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