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 | Dec 2019

Ep 23 Inside Procurement: CPO Trends 2020

In this year’s last episode from Inside Procurement, Omer Abdullah talks about the key trends and challenges that will influence procurement leaders in 2020. Given the current global political and economic environment, he has identified four key trends in the podcast that are likely to be the most relevant over the next 12 months. Omer also discusses the implications of these trends on progressive CPOs.

The key procurement trends for 2020 are:

  • Trend 1: Monitoring and mitigating volatility
  • Trend 2: Implementing the digital transformation agenda
  • Trend 3: Continuing to build deeper supplier partnerships
  • Trend 4: Delivering value beyond savings

Listen to the full podcast to learn this and more. 

You can also read Omer’s opinion piece “4 Major Procurement Trends for 2020” in Future of Sourcing, which publishes content for opinion-formers and decision-makers at the heart of the global sourcing community. Its columnists and contributors are global sourcing thought leaders, and provide innovative, cutting-edge insights on challenges and opportunities in the industry today.

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