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8 more ways you didn’t know data science was used

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 | Feb 2020

From pollinating plants to monitoring our digestive systems, here are eight more ways data science is changing the world around us.


A few weeks ago we published a blog about some of the lesser known uses of AI and data science. We talked about how data scientists are using analytics to translate lost languages, fight crime, and even find the secret to human happiness. But it occurred to me as I was writing that piece that we were still really only skimming the surface.

That’s what’s so great about the work…

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  • Rachit Khare

    Rachit Khare is the Vice-President of Client Solutions for the Data Analytics Practice at The Smart Cube. Rachit designs data solutions for complex client engagements and develops analytics strategy for retail business leaders.

    Rachit has been with The Smart Cube for seven years and outside of work is a keen martial arts enthusiast and currently working towards his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.